The Driver Era’s “Heaven Angel” is, Indeed, Heavenly

The Driver Era are back with a new single. “Heaven Angel” is the new track that will make you dance and will for sure be stuck in your head this summer.

The Driver Era Give the First Taste to New Music

It’s been officially two years since the release of The Driver Era’s debut album X. Can you believe it?! We can’t, either. Luckily for us, the duo is back with their first single of the year. “Heaven Angel” is funky, groovy, and brings us back to their roots.

The band has teased that “Heaven Angel” will be the first taste they give fans from their forthcoming sophomore album, set to arrive later this year. “Hard to find, you’re one of a kind, girl. Why can’t you fly? My heaven, angel. I get so shy being right by your side. It’s no surprise that you caught my eye. Baby, tonight, won’t you be mine? Be my woman,” they sing in a verse.

Talking with Interview Magazine, the pair shared their thoughts on the new song. “It’s like a wild night. To me, it’s a very hypnotic song. I feel like it’s almost a song about being mesmerized. It’s like the peak of where you can get emotionally for someone, and being too in your head about it,” Ross says. 

“All of our songs have something that sets them apart from our other batch of songs. When I think about “Heaven Angel” the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a song about how much your emotions can get to you,” Rocky adds.

The Brothers Show Their Dancing Skills

The music video for “Heaven Angel” sees the brothers arriving at a 70s-themed house party. They perform the song for the people there, and everyone dances along to it. Just then, the ‘Heaven Angel’ presents herself as a surreal twirling ballerina. 

“This is something we don’t usually talk about, but we spent a lot of adolescence in dance classes. My first job I ever booked in LA was actually a dance job,” Ross shared to L’OFFICIEL. “Because of that, we were exposed to a lot of various kinds of music while we were growing. Being around music all day, every day was really influential.”

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