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Taylor Hawkins, Ringo Starr & more in Let There Be Drums!

Justin Kreutzmann, the son of the Grateful Dead’s Bill Kreutzman, announces Ringo Starr, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, Taylor Hawkins and more to feature in his new music documentary, ‘Let There Be Drums!’

Let There Be Drums!

Justin Kreutzmann, son of Grateful Dead’s drummer Bill Kreutzman announced the release of a music themed documentary. Commenting the documentary with Rolling Stone, Kreutzmann stated:

“Some might say this was ‘the film I was born to make,’ others might call it therapy. Since I was young and my dad gave me that first Super-8 camera, filmmaking is all I’ve wanted to do. My school grades could tell you that. And obviously growing up around the Grateful Dead, my first movies were the people and the crazy things going on backstage, which leads us to ‘Let There Be Drums!’”

Taylor hawkins

The documentary aimed to create a deeper connection between the director to the music legend. However, when the director also commenting on the creation of the documentary, he mentioned something quite unexpected. In fact, he said that it was recently passed Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins who gave to the movie its current shape.

“It started as a fun little film with all the drummers I’ve gotten to know over years. It wasn’t until Taylor Hawkins stopped our interview and said, ‘Maybe this isn’t for this documentary, but what was your home life like?’ I found from then on, I was having a dialogue with these amazing drummers instead of just a Q&A. They were as interested in hearing about my dad, Jerry Garcia, and the Grateful Dead as I was about their bands and their lives. So a really interesting thing happened, the film became more about family, but these families just happened to be drummers.”

The news are not over from the drum world. Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Moreover, the Fourth Beatle announced the release “EP3.” It will features four new tracks in September. Find more about the album here!

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