SZA Teases “Blind” And Confirms New Album S.O.S.

SZA Previews Her Upcoming Song “Blind” In Her “Shirt” Music Video


SZA’s new music video and song “Shirt” recently released on October 28th.  The song was previewed in her music video for “Good Days.” The music video reveals easter eggs like a license plate reading “No Ctrl” with a December registration sticker. Now we know this was the teaser for the album release date. Then, at the end of the music video came another snippet for an alternate upcoming song, “Blind.”

SZA loves posting snippets of unreleased music for her fans. Back in August of 2021, she randomly dropped three songs on SoundCloud. The drop included “Joni,” “Nightbird,” and one of her most famous ones now, “I Hate U.” “I Hate U” was officially released on all music platforms on December 3rd, 2021 after going viral on TikTok.

New Album S.O.S.

With all of these SoundCloud tracks, is this pointing to an album coming out soon? Well on November 16, Billboard confirms that SZA in their new interview says her new album titled S.O.S. will arrive in December.

SZA’s Five Year Journey


CTRL was the last album that SZA released, which came out on June 9th, 2017. She dropped the deluxe five years later on June 9th, 2022, adding seven more songs. Between the five year gap, the singer has been posting a lot on social media, mostly regarding her spiritual journey, and her fight through depression. In her interview with the Rolling Stone , she opened up about her depression stemming from dealing with the deaths of her grandmother, a maternal aunt, and rapper and close friend Mac Miller.

She reported that during her depression, what helped her pull herself out of the sad period of her life was going to the gym every day, doing Pilates, learning about crystals, meditating and also using sound bowls. During this time period too, she’s been discovering more about herself and realizing that she isn’t the “popstar” that everybody saw her as after CTRLSince, she’s been working on different kinds of music and discovering more about her musical self.

SZA in ‘Shirt’ Music Video

When she did her surprise SoundCloud dump, she called it “dumping random thoughts.” SZA uses her music to express herself, which is what makes it so bona fide. She uses her real emotions, insecurities, and thoughts in her music and isn’t ashamed. In her song “Supermodel” for example, she sings about leaving a man because he doesn’t show her enough attention. In the song SZA sings, “I don’t see myself / Why I can’t stay alone just by myself? / Wish I was comfortable just with myself / But I need you.” The dependency she sings about can be an uncomfortable feeling, but very real, and something that not a lot of women talk about due to embarrassment of feeling dependent on another man to make them feel good.

Back On The Scene

In her snippet for “Blind,” SZA sings “I don’t care how much you knew me in the past tense,” signaling that the old her is gone and that it’s time for a new era. She also mentions that she’s letting her “spirit speak freely,” meaning she’s not holding back anymore.

The “Drew Barrymore” singer recently teased TMZ about her album. When asked how many songs she’s written for it, her response was “Total? 100,” she replied. “Maybe, like, I don’t even know actually. Five years of material.”

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