I Was Wrong About Hemlocke Springs And “Girlfriend”

Alright, who let the 80s back in? Oh yeah, it never left. Okay then, let’s take a look at the latest 80s inspired pop song. If that sounds like I’m a bit bored and tired, it’s ‘cause I am. I like this trend, but that is going to become past tense if this one doesn’t do something different. This is hemlocke springs and her incredibly trendy “girlfriend”.

I Was Wrong About Hemlocke Springs

Yep, after giving the song a listen, I can say that it does indeed do something different. For example, Djo embraces that era of music to shape his aesthetic and vibe. hemlocke springs grabs that era in a chokehold to make it work for her. Starting with an incredibly simple but energetic key press, then introducing vocals and backing instrumentals that scream 80s. The things that really make this unique is hemlocke spring’s own voice. 

Pretty sure when hemlocke springs was asked, “How do you want to do the cadence?”, she responded with Yes. Her voice fluctuates so much in this song, you’d think that it’d be a bad thing- that it wouldn’t have any order to it. However, there is a method to her madness. Hearing her voice fluctuate so much, I came to realize that it’s as expressive and fun as she wants it to be. 

So yeah, I was wrong about hemlocke springs. Were you right? Did you know her before reading this article? Make sure to give it a full listen by clicking the above image. For more on your favorites and unknowns check out our Word and Drops sections.

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