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Swedish House Mafia Release New Track “Ray Of Solar”

On Friday August 4th, popular EDM group Swedish House Mafia released their new captivating track “Ray of Solar.” While playing at Tomorrowland a few weekends ago, member Steve Angello announced the track. Following their last track “See The Light” released back in May. They also hinted at their next consecutive album set to release before the end of this summer. Commenting on the new track, the group shared to U Discover Music, “Happy to be back with a song that takes us places! Once we recorded these vocals we really got transcended into space. We listened to it on repeat all night and imagined floating into space. It’s really a special one and doing this together with Tove (Lo) was incredible as we really felt we gave it a true Nordic sonic landscape.” 

The song is described as euphoric within a piano driven soundscape. Almost sounding like an opera before the beat drops, creating a sense of strong emotion for all listeners. As Tomarrowland is not the first time the group played it, the first reveal came at the Futur Festival back in July. Busy with the release of their new album “Paradise Again”, the group still continues to make a new version of themselves. Continuing to captivate their audiences while innovating within the EDM community. Given the group started out creating techno music, they have also been reconnecting with it. Making the bold move to make their new music something different. 

Electronic music trio, Swedish House Mafia, announces their first-ever North American nightlife residency with Wynn Nightlife.
via Insagram @swedishmafiahouse: Six Days @coachella

As the new track stands as testament within their new music boundaries, which will certainly continue to be pushed. With their music at new heights, hopefully the new track will continue to captivate audiences around the world. In the meantime, the group will head on tour starting in August heading to Las Vegas, Columbia, Brazil and Mexico.

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