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Sophie Meiers Drops New Low-Key Single “Collar”

A Chill Vibe

In Meiers’ latest release “Collar,” she talks about her love-sick experiences over a nice indie-pop instrumental. The track is a nice listen, especially since I was not too familiar with her work before this. Her voice complements the track’s instrumental since her subdued delivery matches the somber tone of the song. Earlier in 2020, Sophie dropped the single “Cheesin’” with now massive artist Remi Wolf among others.

Sophie Meiers Collar


A Low-Key Switch Up

With her new single, it seems like Sophie is taking a similar yet different approach. Her previous songs consisted of glossy and refined pop instrumentals. Yet “Collar” features a chill indie rock/pop instrumental that has a bit more intentional “roughness.” The beat itself sounds like a mix of lo-fi rock and pop, with a nice guitar track playing underneath vintage sounding synths and a boom-bap type drumbeat. It is a nice listen on the ears, and definitely is accessible to first-time listeners like myself. The song is a nice listen overall, and definitely has peaked my interest for her stuff in the future. Will she continue to push for more of an indie rock sound? We’ll have to find out.

What’s Coming Next

Fans of hers should be eager to hear more from her, and it is safe to say she will drop more music this coming year. Meier’s had a big year in 2020 with her track with Remi, however she did not release very much of anything last year. It very well could be possible that she has a full-length release on the way, with this single being a track from it. Stay tuned for more updates on Sophie and other artists like her by getting the Music Daily app, and if you want more music related content, visit here.

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