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Australian Gretta Ray Drops “Positive Spin”

With nearly a million followers across the different streaming platforms, Gretta Ray’s discography was led by her cover of Billy Joel’s “Vienna,” but has now taken a turn since her new album came to life. The Australian singer-songwriter from Melbourne has in fact just dropped her new studio, full-length release, Positive Spin, and it’s quickly becoming a fan and critic favorite!

Positive Spin

As per every sophomore album, Positive Spin is Ray’s attempt to offer a continuation of her almost perfect career start. After the success of her debut album, 2021’s Begin To Look Around, the Australian artist chose to continue flowing on the sweet and flavory melodies of indie pop while also making a turn towards more pop tones. A big turn takes place also in the lyrics, where Ray affirms that she wants to “embrace a new era” because “you’re doing it: all that you set out to do.” Gretta Ray’s deep, almost dark tone is the first thing that strikes the attention when one immerses themselves in the work of the Australian artist, and emphasises the forceful attitude and approach to her work. Her deep introspection results in “acute self reflection and extraordinary gratitude,” as Ray shared in a note on her Instagram account.

“These songs are a result of acute self reflection and extraordinary gratitude, and to feel so deeply understood by my two main
collaborators for this project is a remarkable privilege.”

Picture retrieved from Gretta Ray’s official Instagram account. Picture taken by Michelle Grace Hunder @michelleghunder

Gretta Ray Goes International

Gretta Ray is approaching the end of her tour. However, a few dates are still available for you to witness this soon-to-be world phenomenon live. After opening for Sam Fender, the artist will bring her latest work in The Good Witch Tour, as well as her “classic” to the UK for a few nights this November, only two of which are not sold out! On November 7th and 11th the singer will perform, respectively, in London and Kiama, Wales.

Make sure to be there! Find your tickets and all the information for the event here.

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