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Smino Finds His Way Back To Himself On Luv 4 Rent

Smino release Luv 4 Rent

Luv 4 Rent

Rapper/singer Smino finally releases his long-awaited new album, Luv 4 Rent. He handpicks R&B and hip hop artists Ravyn Lenae, Doechii, Lil Uzi Vert, J. Cole for the album. The versatile artist explores hip-hop, funk and soul combining his widespread mix of musical influences. In sum, Smino gives us a smooth, relaxing project with each track differing sonically. 

“Pro-Freak (with Doechii and Fatman Scoop)”

To point out, track four is definitely a standout moment on Luv 4 Rent. The collaboration is with Doechii and Fatman Scoop, titled “Pro-Freak.” In detail, Smino and Fatman Scoop emphasize they appreciate all types of women, and they both enjoy a “freak” in the bedroom. The track has a catchy hook with an exceptional verse from Doechii, who showcases her breath control and wordplay abilities. “Diamonds is yellow, the chain on Modelo/My foot on the pedal, the hood in the meadow/I’m good in the ghetto, the booty on Jell-O,” Doechii raps. Moreover, Doechii and Smino have entertaining flows and the unexpected beat change is a nice touch. 

“Louphoria (with Cruza)” 

Then, on track six of Luv 4 Rent, “Louphoria (with Cruza),” the “kush” Smino is smoking causes him to lie awake all night overthinking about his girl. He regrets getting himself in the situation. “I want a refund, I want a redo/Told me it’d be fun, they said it’d be cool/Up ’til I see sun” Next, Cruza reminisces about sex with a lover who makes him feel insane and act irrational. Stylistically, the track exudes a jazzy vibe where he showcases his melodic side. 

“Garden Lady” 

Afterward, we hear Smino open up about relationship struggles and how that has affected him on “Garden Lady.” It ties into the theme of the album which centers on giving but not receiving love. Hence, the album title Luv 4 Rent. On a lighter note, “Matinee” is where Smino gets into his braggadocios bag, and realizes his self worth. “I’m the gold, I’m the treasure, I’m a rare bird, oh.”


Following, “Pudgy” brings Lil Uzi Vert into Smino’s musical universe and he absolutely kills it. Lil Uzi matches Smino’s unique and different flows and seamlessly fits into the track. 

Further, Smino is fixated on a natural, attractive woman on the track. “Out the city, show a South bitch, bought her nails, shit/Mike Lebowski, got my eye on her” Smino plans to replace her current man and spoil her. Uzi includes bold lines in his verse referencing the devil, and the possibility of him having “eight different baby mommas in seven states.” 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Luv 4 Rent stays true to what makes Smino special. His low-key and chill rapping style fits perfectly into the aesthetic of the album. Undoubtedly, Smino maintains your attention with his cadence and flow changes. His voice and genre-bending style  makes him stand out in hip hop music. As far as the lyrical content, the effort, love and time Smino once put into others, he now is aware he must give that to himself. I strongly suggest you give this album a listen. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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