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Savannah Conley Is Magical on “Always Gonna Happen”

Featured Artist Friday Alum Savannah Conley is bewitching on the latest single, “Always Gonna Happen,” off the Best I Can EP.

Best I Can EP

The Nashville-based singer-songwriter leaned into her folk-rock roots on her newest EP, Best I Can (released on June 28). This title is true to the sound and message; the record is both modern and timeless, haphazard and grounded.

“Always Gonna Happen” goes into this dilemma as she discusses the human condition and the irony that life presents. Conley notably uses traditional folk elements with groovy synthesizers, punchy drums, and intricate (but straightforward) storytelling. Compared to her Surprise, Surprise EP, the recent effort showcases an artist hitting her stride and laying the stepping stones for a more optimistic future.

Featured Artist Friday Alum Savannah Conley is bewitching on latest single “Always Gonna Happen” off Best I Can EP.
via Instagram @savannah.conley:
tour is upon us!!!! thank you so much for listening to the ‘best i can’ ep and for all your kind words. now come see those songs live!! we’ll be doing so much of all of this

Regarding her recent work, Conley tells Wonderland Magazine about the beginnings of “Always Gonna Happen” and the EP’s theme:

There was a moment when I realized that this is the first time in my life where things have actually happened to me. My co-writer and I looked at each other and talked about the shit that has happened that we haven’t even talked about before. When you figure out the world isn’t what you thought it was, it makes you question a lot. “Always Gonna Happen” plays into that; it’s about trusting my instincts to get away from situations and people to move forward in life.
Check out Savannah Conley’s music video for “Always Gonna Happen” here.

What is Next for Savannah Conley?

Conley is setting out for the road this summer. The young singer-songwriter will embark on a summer tour with the alt-rock band Secondhand Sound for the month of July only. (The tour will mostly happen in the southern and midwestern America. If you live on the west coast or in the New England area, you will need to secure travel plans in advance.) Get your tickets here.

What do you think about Savannah Conley’s “Always Gonna Happen” and her newest EP? Let us know in the comments!


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