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Sam Fender Drops “Wild Grey Ocean”

English singer-songwriter Sam Fender is back at it again with a tender new drop: “Wild Grey Ocean.” Let’s check out this new track and this incredible artist together! 


Staring Off Into The Horizon

If this song were a mood, it would be staring off into the ocean at night, remembering nostalgic memories and reflecting wistfully on time lost in the swirling blackness in front of you. The sands are coarse but delicate in your fingers as you watch it get carried away to somewhere far away from you in the moving tides. 

I probably went too deep into that metaphor, but really, that’s what “Wild Grey Ocean” does to you. The soft bass and acoustic strumming gives off a gracefully sad tone, while Sam Fender delivers consistently powerful vocals that wash you away. The percussion is light, keeping an alluring timbre to the sound as well. All of this combined with Sam’s heavy lyrics:

Sam Fender Drops "Wild Grey Ocean"“I seldom see our old gang ’round town / Call them good-time friends ’cause they’re not there when shit goes down / Like when my brother got jumped and they hurt him real bad / I thought I’d lost him, he is all I have,” Sam Fender sings.

“Wild Grey Ocean” is a whirlpool of emotions for the listener. And Sam’s music video also perfectly encapsulates the vibe of his song. The grainy monochrome video from Sam Fender has various lonely shots of the ocean and city. 


The Incredible Tale Of Sam Fender

A self-made musician and incredibly hardworking man, Sam Fender rose out of a difficult adolescence. Unfortunately, he battled a life-threatening health condition. A skilled guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Fender quickly stood out through his deeply emotional songwriting. He grapples with difficult topics such as suicide and mental health. 

The debut single “Play God” from Sam Fender would be an instant success, garnering over 5 million streams. This would launch his career gaining the likes of Billie Eilish and Lewis Capaldi. He would go on to release 2 studio albums, 1 EP, and over 10 more singles. All of his tracks would chart the Top 100 in British charts, with his two albums both hitting number 1. Sam Fender would go on to win numerous awards such as NME Award “Best Artist in the World” and “Best UK Artist” at the Scottish Music Awards. 

Following some of his own struggles with mental health, Sam would take a break in September. This led him to cancel many shows and tours in 2022. However, with the release of Wild Grey Ocean, it seems Sam Fender is slowly making steady progress with his mental health, which is great to see. 

We love you Sam, and if you want to check out some of his other projects right now, click here! 

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