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Sabrina Carpenter Goes On Sold-Out Tour

23-year-old Sabrina Carpenter announced the “emails i can’t send” tour, which sold out in less than a day! Amongst the critical acclaim of her fourth album, “emails i can’t send,” Carpenter transformed into the next music favorite and a red carpet favorite.

23-year-old Sabrina Carpenter announces the "emails i can't send" tour which sells out in less than a day!
via Instagram @sabrinacarpenter

The “emails i can’t send” Tour

The North America leg of the “emails i can’t send tour” 14 dates to which all tickets are sold out. The sizes of these venues hold around 1,000 people on average but varies depending on the location. The tour experience will reach from New York and Florida to California but excludes many midwestern states (if you exclude Illinois).

23-year-old Sabrina Carpenter announces the "emails i can't send" tour which sells out in less than a day!
via Instagram @sabrinacarpenter

Upon hearing the tour news, she took to Instagram to express her excitement. She says, “u sold out the whole emails i can’t send tour in less than a day !!!!!! this is insane and i couldn’t be more grateful. i’ve pictured playing these songs live since the days i wrote them, so i promise to give you an indelible night where you can sing and dance and forget that he isn’t texting u back !! for everyone who couldn’t get tix for these shows, i promise more shows everywhere soon and i can’t wait to see u then :’).”

While Carpenter does promise more shows or another leg of her tour, such information isn’t available at this time. Make sure to check our OnStage page to keep up with tours, cancellations, and additional shows!

Sabrina Carpenter’s Recent Moves

After her “flower power” Moschino moment at the VMAs, the American singer went to London, England to deliver a musical performance of her hit single, “because i liked a boy.” The hard-hitting moments of this performance are amplified by her guitar skills.

Although Carpenter wasn’t nominated for an award this year at the VMAs, that didn’t stop the singer from stunning at the afterparty in a leggy white lingerie look. Oh, and she took a few pictures with none other than the Pop Titan, Taylor Swift, and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé!

Are you excited for Sabrina Carpenter to be on the road? Let us know in the comments!

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