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‘Rush!’: The Catchy New Maneskin Album

Italian rock band Måneskin has once again proved that their music is the real deal with a new, catchy album Rush! 

A Global Rock Phenomenon 

First appearing and coming in second place on the Italian X-Factor, this quartet would soon rise to quick stardom. They won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 with the song “Zitti e buoni.” Since their early successes, they have released two studio albums that are over 4x Platinum certified and both reached #1 on the Italian Billboard. Their EP and nearly every one of their singles have also reached Platinum status. As well as, winning a myriad of awards from MTV Europe, iHeartRadio, and the Billboard Music Awards. 

While many people thought Måneskin would fade off into obscurity after their meteoric rise to fame, with Rush!  they are proving that their music can last for quite a long time. So, let’s check out this banger of an album together now!

Måneskin drops Rush!
Photo: Instagram @maneskinofficial

Crazy Catchy Songs In Rush! 

Rush!  is the first album of Måneskin that is primarily in English, and it’s just as good as all their previous works. The alluring, growling voice of Damiano David is what likely drew many people into Måneskin’s work. And he completely knocks this album out of the park. With his extensive vocal range and infectious energy in “Read Your Diary” and “Feel,” listeners can instantly feel the funk and spunk of this group. And David isn’t afraid of emotional outpouring through the songs “Timezone” and “The Loneliest.” 

“Now I know you’re sleeping / Where I’m supposed to be / Wish I could’ve stayed / The only thing that keeps us apart / Is 7 thousand miles / Running like a mad dog.”


The work of the other three members cannot be understated either. What really keeps listeners hooked is the Flea-esque nature of the bassist Victoria De Angelis in tracks “Gossip” and “Gasoline.” Also Thomas Raggi’s insanely catchy guitar solos in other songs like “Don’t Want to Sleep Alone.” Then Ethan Torchio has consistent energetic pulses of the drums throughout Rush! 

Overall, Rush! was incredible, and a massive project that really highlights the range of what Måneskin is capable of. Check out Måneskin’s future projects by clicking here! 

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