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Rojuu Has Immaculate Vibes in His DNA

Hey there! Today’s a day for discovering an artist you might stan or say it’s a hard pass. It’s time to take a quick look at Rojuu and his latest Y3Y2 EP. I’m your friendly neighborhood writer: Juan. Let’s jump into it. 

Immaculate Vibes are in Rojuu’s DNA: 

Alright, so quick key notes on the guy. Roc Jou Morales, known artistically as Rojuu, is an experimental trap and emo-rap genre boasting artist from Barcelona, Spain. Exclusively making music in Spanish, he’s been considered the Hispanic Lil Peep. So with that, you should know what you’re in for. If you’re not sure what to really expect, then here’s a song I think perfectly encapsulates Rojuu’s style, cadence, and vibe.

That’s how the latest Y3Y2 EP by Rojuu starts off and I can’t say that things truly change significantly. That quiet cadence, sad boy hours vibe, and fantastic production is really the big thing with this work. It’s got lots of energy in a weird way. Which really makes Rojuu stand out, but given the lack of variety, it’s kind of one note. Meaning I won’t be taking a deeper dive into the work since that pretty much covers it. That said, if you really want to know my favorite from the five track Y3Y2 EP is “Infinite Azure”. Feel free to check it out here. Also, if this is really up your alley then feel free to check out Y3Y2 by Rojuu on Spotify here

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