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Riton and Belters Only Release ‘Never Knew Love’ 

On Friday, July 14th, British DJ Riton and Belters Only released their brand new summer single “Never Knew Love.” The song features Riton’s elastic sound and the lyrics of Enisa, a Brooklyn-based singer who is a certified rising star on TikTok. With a flaming sensation of the melody paired with a stomping drum, the beat’s energy creates one exquisite song. It is also Belters Only’s first look at trying some new music after co-writing Jazzy’s “Giving Me” earlier this year. Originally debuted at Balaton Sound and Calvi on the Rocks music festivals, the song had a huge summer hit in its potential.

A Bit About Riton and Belters Only

Popular in the United Kingdom, Riton has been the country’s top dance artist for over twenty years. Given his hit list is quite long, he has collaborated with artists such as Fat Boy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Diplo, Tame Impala and MIA. He has also racked up over two billion music streams alone. The producer has also won a GRAMMY for co-producing Dua Lipa’s “Electricity” and a nomination for “Rinse and Repeat,” a collaboration he did with Kah-Lo. He also received a BRIT nomination for “Friday” with Mufasa and Hypeman.

Belters Only, made up of the duo Bisset and Robbie G, has racked up 500 million streams with their most popular song “Make Me Feel Good.” The track was also the 12th biggest song of the year last year. On social media alone, the group has received 80K TikTok followers, as well as the sixth most-viewed TikTok page in Ireland. On other social media platforms, they have 70k followers on Instagram, and 45k on YouTube so far. 

As the single goes into full swing at other festivals and nightclubs around the world, it will be exciting to see what the artists have in store next. 

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