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America’s Got Talent Alum Chris Miles

Long Island rapper Chris Miles, known for his melancholy hit song “Missed Calls,” teams up with Bamby H2O for “N.F.$” and “RED LIGHT.” 

America’s Got Talent Alum Chris Miles

Rapper and songwriter Chris Miles got his first taste of fame at the young age of 13 years old in 2012. Following a YouTube viral America’s Got Talent audition, Miles was signed by Warner/Chappell to release five albums. The now-24-year-old had submitted an entry of him rapping his original song “Dial Tone.” The home video saw a hungry 13-year-old spitting ferociously with charisma and hasty flows. Miles would go on to release three mixtapes: I Am Me, Growing Pains and Birth of Cool. As of now, he has accumulated a following of over 968,000 fans on TikTok, where he uploads his original music. 

“N.F.$” and “RED LIGHT”

Long Island rapper Chris Miles known for his melancholy hit song "Missed Calls" teams up with Bamby H2O for “N.F.$” and “RED LIGHT.” 
Chris Miles. (Instagram @chrismiles)

For the latest August single, “N.F.$,” an acronym for “not for sale,” with Long-Island-based artist Bamby H2O, Chris Miles raps depressing lyrics about drugs and selling his soul. The track, featuring Long-Island-based artist Bamby H2O, has EDM-esque elements with old-school SoundCloud melodic rap vocals. “N.F.$” sees Chris sing, “If I hit the Lotto / Then I would prob’ly d*e tomorrow, Godd*mn / And I’m so f****n’ hollow / Off the liquor, I’m like, where my heart go?” The rapper has reached a state of hopelessness where something life-changing like hitting the lotto would still not phase him. 

He openly talks about being “off the drugs,” which causes concern for Miles’ fans. Additionally, Chris raps about a girl who spends his money recklessly. Ultimately, he does not mind though because he is only worried about protecting his heart.

Along with “N.F.$” is another collaborative single with Bamby H2O titled “RED LIGHT.” Chris Miles trades in his singsong vocals for chill raps over a hard-hitting bass. In the track, Miles admits his mother is weary about his health and that he “needs some therapy.” But he is not ready to get sober, as Chris raps, “F**k that s**t, I would rather do blow.” Similar to other male artists, Chris Miles adds in typical misogynistic lyrics slut shaming women, yet, ironically, he flaunts that he “f****d that little b***h and her eight cousins.”

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