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Rising Star Bree Runway Is Undoubtedly “THAT GIRL” 

Bree Runway Releases New Single "THAT GIRL"

New Single “THAT GIRL” by Bree Runway 

The multitalented Bree Runway returns to the music scene on September 29th, with single and music video for “THAT GIRL.” The funky Hip House track is the lead single from the UK rapper/singer-songwriter. Bree Runway’s forthcoming album is rumored to be released in 2023. Lead single “THAT GIRL” is accompanied by a colorful, flashy, innovative music video. 

Lyrical Content 

Firstly, Runway’s lyrics in “THAT GIRL” encourage us to spend the money we work hard to earn. And the rapper chooses to invest her money in the latest fashion from Gaultier to CC. She can afford it all and if she wants can “Switch up the swag” frequently in one day. 

Above all, the track is about embracing confidence. Bree Runway inspires darkskin women like herself to be confident, embracing her own beauty. She loves everything from her body to her face. “My face stunning, it’s top tier/Been cold, where’s my Moncler?/Sickening body, it’s unfair.” Runway is a queen that loves herself, knows her worth and is not afraid to say she is the “it girl”. 

Therefore, she won’t let men mess with her or allow anyone to underestimate her. “​​And I can’t push your brand if it’s not six figures” She will not settle for less or sell herself short. The UK rapper’s rapid flows and punchlines hit hard in this unique fuse of Hip-Hop and House music. The confident anthem along with the imaginative music video showcase once again Bree Runway’s underrated star quality. 

“THAT GIRL” Music Video

Subsequently, Runway appears in multiple outfits and hair colors throughout the stimulating music video. In one scene we see two of Bree Runway, wearing a blue wig singing back and forth to herself. Another scene depicts Runway’s head floating in a black space, with her bright blue hair in pigtails. Not only are her fashion choices stellar, but her dancing as well. Bree Runway’s individuality will soon take her to the next level in the music industry. She’s a breath of fresh air, bringing a feast to the table. Look out for her new album that should drop in the new year. 

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