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Rauw Alejandro’s ‘PLAYA SATURNO’ Is a Big Recognition of Old Times Latin Music

Rauw Alejandro is out with new music. We can say it’s been a really busy year for the artist from San Juan, Puerto Rico. 2023 has been Rauw’s year, thanks especially to the release of the album Saturno, which contains the hits “PUNTO 40,” “RON COLA” and LOKERA.” He was already a pretty big name in the industry, but the success of his last album consecrated him as one of the most influential Latin artists of the moment. THE MOST influential if we exclude Bad Bunny (who’s something else).

Not to mention also his love / professional relationship with Spanish singer Rosalia which has been talked about several times on the internet. Last but not least, the collaboration with Bizarrap on the producer’s format BZRP Music Sessions. But Rauw Alejandro doesn’t know what “break” means, and so he decided to come out with new music.

PLAYA SATURNO is the name of the album and shows how the artist is going in another direction from the one we expected. It’s reggaeton over modern electronic sonorities, and it will soon become Rauw’s business card.

PLAYA SATURNO is also a big recognition of the Latin music of the old times. There’s Miguel Bosé, the timeless pop-dance singer, but also “la reina” Ivy Queen and two historic Puerto Rican duos: Nejo y Dalmata and Jowell & Randy. This is a move that could get Rauw Alejandro another target: the old-timers.

The reggaeton genre started as rebel street music and Rauw wants to keep the same spirit. Including a generation that we often forget about.

It’s just a matter of time until Rauw Alejandro will take what he wants.

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