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Rachel Bochner’s “It’s Not Me, It’s U” Packs a Punch

From Intern to Pop Star

What began as an internship with a record label has now led Rachel Bochner on a personal journey through the music industry, with her latest venture being the release of her 3rd EP, It’s Not Me, It’s U.

Her latest release is packed with attitude, and strikes a perfect balance between fun, wit, and punkish conviction. It’s Not Me, It’s U radiates pure confidence, making for an empowering listen that embodies the joy in discovering a rising artist who has already found a clear direction. Over its 17-minute runtime, Rachel Bochner’s 3rd EP effortlessly fuses pop and punk. It’s Not Me, It’s U merges its grungy edges with the dreamy intimacy of bedroom indie pop, while also taking a page from Bochner’s major influences like Lana Del Rey and Lorde.

Navigating Chaos and Adulthood

Rachel Bochner’s EP explores the complex whirlwind of fun and confusion that comes with one’s early 20s. The tracks toy with heartache, identity, and angst to serve as a snapshot into Bochner’s life. “Here For The Drama” captures the chaos of turbulent friendships while “You Don’t Want Me Like That” pokes through the struggle of feeling ignored.

“All the weather in the world

Won’t make me a harder girl

But I don’t feel like breaking

Instead, I’m gonna fake it”

– “If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It)”

Scaffolding guitar riffs give way to heavy-hitting beats in It’s Not Me, It’s U, especially in “If I’m Gunna Be Sad.” The EP’s fifth track captures punk angst with catchy lyrics and a pounding pop pulse, as well as with its bold and sassy music video. This attitude is central to the entirety of the EP, showcasing how Rachel Bochner has a refreshingly clear sense of self despite the raging storm that comes with adulthood and heartbreak.

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