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Post Malone Is Ready on “Cooped Up” with Roddy Ricch

Post Malone  drops “Cooped Up,” the second single (featuring Roddy Ricch) from his upcoming fourth album “twelve carat toothache.”

Post Malone & Roddy Rich Are Unstoppable on "Cooped Up"
via Instagram @postmalone: i love u @roddyricch

Post Malone on Saturday Night Live

Both Post Malone, 26, and Selena Gomez, 29, made their first appearance on “Saturday Night Live” this past Saturday, May 14. While he made his “SNL” debut as a musical guest, Gomez made hers as a host.

He debuted “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol” (alongside Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold) from his upcoming album “twelve carat toothache”. While Pecknold sings behind Malone, the “Rockstar” singer details his complicated relationship with alcohol and how it led to a few missing teeth on one occasion.

Both artists have had a longstanding, supportive friendship. Malone and Pecknold wrote “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol” with producer Louis Bell. In an Instagram Story, Pecknold discussed that he wrote a song for the rapper called “For Post Malone” in 2019 “as a private thanks for him being so nice about [Fleet Foxes] in the world.”

Then, Malone preformed “Cooped Up,” wearing head-to-toe black leather. He shared the stage with friend Roddy Ricch, who was originally scheduled to perform on SNL earlier in the year, but couldn’t due to a COVID-19 exposure. The rapper also released “One Right Now” with The Weeknd in anticipation for the new album.


“Cooped Up” by Post Malone featuring Roddy Ricch

The track opens with a soft trap beat and smoky echoes. Sonically, the production is soft against Malone’s signature rough vocals, which is a satisfying contrast. He starts with the chorus, “And yeah, we ’bout to toast up / All that bread that we burnin’ / ‘Cause I’ve been feelin’ cooped up.” His voice has the tiniest bit of autotune, and it sounds so right.

He continues, “Police showed up at my door with a warrant / I remember flushin’ somethin’ down the toilet / Guess you gotta let me off with a warnin’ / Return of the Mack.” It is unapologetic and in your face, which is more frequent with recent releases. It sounds refreshing.

Roddy Ricch brings the heat in the second verse. He goes, “I ‘member I was just posted up with the demons /And Posty took me on my first damn tour dates / He had me rockin’ every night, sold out arenas.” At the end of his rap, Ricch gives to Malone, who has been a frequent collaborator, main supporter, and brother for years.

Post Malone’s fourth album “twelve carat toothache” drops on June 3.

What do you think of Post Malone’s latest single, “Cooped Up,” featuring Roddy Ricch? Let us know in the comments!

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