MD Discovery: Philly’s Julia Miralles

Philadelphia’s Julia Miralles is already an accomplished artist at the age of 15. Her long list of talents includes singing, acting, dancing, and now songwriting with the recent release of her impressive first single “I Am Your Summertime.”

A New Direction

Miralles’ single is her first release, marking an exciting tipping point in her already long-running career in performance. Her song fuses elements of pop and rock to create the perfect summer sound perfected at Philly’s legendary Studio 4. Miralles’ confident, unwavering vocals soar over smooth guitar riffs and punchy beats. “I Am Your Summertime” is smooth and professional, while still balancing fun and introspection.

I wish I was more like the waves on the shore then a girl crashing at your feet
And I start to cry with the sand in my eyes and you burn me with your heat
I know I could shine if I knew you were mine but I know that will never be
Wish you were more then a light to look for
In a storm I can’t defeat

“I Am Your Summertime” by Julia Miralles

A Multitalented Force

“I Am Your Summertime” is an impressive first dive into the world of songwriting, but it’s also worth noting that Miralles is an accomplished actress in the world of theater—she’s taken part in over half a dozen plays. Miralles has been a vital part of multiple performances in Philly, including “Into the Woods,” “The King and I,” “Willy Wonka,” “Frozen Junior,” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “Shrek Jr.” and “Seussical.” In August, she also performed a 23-minute set at the Dunkin’ Latte Lounge, showcasing her impressive range and professionalism. She performed her own song and covered Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” as well as a few others. She also gave some insight into her music taste and inspirational icons, including Joan Jett.

The release of “I Am Your Summertime” represents a big step for Miralles, kicking off the beginning of her promising career in music. The future looks bright for the 15-year-old artist, with her incredible performance at the Dunkin’ Latte Lounge only further solidifying her as a force to be reckoned with. “I Am Your Summertime” is an outstanding first production that comes across as the product of a seasoned musician.

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