January 30, 2023



Peach PRC Gets Personal on “Symptomatic”

TikTok superstar Peach PRC is back with her second single of the year, the vibrant and personal “Symptomatic.”

Peach PRC Talks About Mental Health on “Symptomatic”

“Symptomatic” arrives as the follow-up to “Josh,” released in February earlier this year. “Josh” already surpassed the 8 million streams on Spotify. The good vibes that “Symptomatic” shares are definitely set to make it go noticed as well.

Peach is becoming known for always staying true to herself and talk about personal experiences through her music. After literally calling out her ex-boyfriend named Josh in her last song, we can not expect anything less from this star. On, “Symptomatic,” she talks openly about mental health, and how she has been battling some bad days lately.

“I can have really low periods and then swing into an incredible high manic period,” she explains. “When this happens, I feel like I’m invincible and get really excited about doing lots of stuff; like learning to speak Italian, play five instruments, or become a crystal healer! Every time, I think I’ve been cured of my depression and mental struggles forever. My therapist once compared me to Harley Quinn while I am in this state – that kind of bothered me. Then I thought, why don’t I write a song about being on this high and thinking I’m cured. Just embrace the f*ck out of the Harley-Quin-of-it-all! And that song – is ‘Symptomatic’.”

“Symptomatic” also marks the first song Peach PRC has released since she accused comedian Alex Williamson of “abusive” & “predatory” behavior. “I’m not the kind of person to do this ever, but I will not be able to sleep at night or forgive myself if I don’t come out and warn people about this man. He is abusive, manipulative, and predatory. He has done absolutely vile things to not only myself but others who I won’t mention for their privacy,” Peach said at the time of the incident.

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