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On the Feature Film “Shucked”

Credit: Broadway News

As of January 14th, the night of its last performance, the Broadway musical Shucked is now in line to become a feature film. The musical comedy follows the denizens of a small, rural Midwest community who go to Tampa to figure out why the village’s corn has quit growing. Created by Mandalay Pictures, the new film is produced by Jason Michael Berman. Berman is joined by other producers Jordan Moldo and Alan Fox. The screenplay is written by Robert Horn, the writer of the show’s book. Horn is also the upcoming film’s executive producer. The show’s director, Jack O’Brian, and composer, Shane McNally, will also join the crew. As of now, there have been no casting reveals. 

Following the show’s closing on Broadway, Shucked is going to go on a North American tour. The first show is in Nashville. Other locations will announce their dates in the coming months. The show is opening in London starting in 2025. The Shucked album received a nomination for a GRAMMY. It’s a well-beloved show, as Tony winner Alex Nexwell received a three-minute standing ovation on the last night of the show.

Alex Newell, Caroline Innerbichler, Kevin Cahoon and Andrew Durand in “Shucked,” 2023 (Credit: Mathew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman)
(Credit: Mathew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman)

As per Variety, producer Mike Bosner commented on the new film on the last night of the show. “We’re all a little sad to say goodbye to this. But there’s some good news,” he said. “We don’t have to say goodbye just yet. Because I’m happy to announce that we will be making a feature film of ‘Shucked,’” The crowd’s cheering drowned him out, as something better came out of a show’s end on Broadway. Notably, the show opened at the Nederlander Theatre in April of last year, making it not even a year old yet. 

As fans await the new film, hopefully it gets the same standing ovation as it did on the Broadway stage.

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