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From YouTube Sensation to Club Anthems: The Phenomenon of Luck Ra

Born in Cordoba, Argentina, Luck Ra is the new promise of South America. A streamer and singer, his music career started in 2017 when, at only seventeen, he posted his first songs on YouTube.

He began to gain recognition a year later with the drop of “No Quiero Mas,” a track remixed with Seven Kayne, another artist of the new wave of Argentine trap. But it’s in 2021 that his life changed completely.

In December, Luck Ra joined the legendary band La K’onga for the “cuarteto version” of his “Te Mentiria.” It was a hit, and the song became a staple in clubs across the country. From that moment on, it’s an extremely rapid ascent to unprecedented success.

Luck Ra is now one of the most representative artists of Messi & Maradona’s country. His last album, QUE NOS FALTE TODO, has 500 million streams, even without counting his latest hit, “HOLA PERDIDA.” And let’s not also forget the iconic live performances (feat. Ke Personajes, Rusherking…) and the variety of genres within his music (cumbia, cuarteto, rock, reggaeton).

Luck Ra stands out as an alternative to other Argentine pop newcomers, such as Maria Becerra, Duki, Emilia or Tini. He’s a musician who’s not afraid to bring his old inspirations into his music.

Even years after the reigns of La Mona Jiménez and Rodrigo, Córdoba continues to assert its presence on the global stage through artists like him.

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