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On Taylor Swift’s New College Course

As of November, the University of California, Berkeley announced that it will offer a course inspired by Taylor Swift. Known as “Artistry and Entrepreneurship: Taylor’s Version,” the course will be taught by professors Sofia Lendahl and Crystal Haryanto. The class, according to Billboard, shall explore Swift’s discography, as well as her motives. The syllabus invites students to “fall down a rabbit hole of what has led to Taylor Swift’s prolific success as a songwriter, businesswoman, and creative influence.” It continues, “Through lyricism, branding, and craft, we’ll explore how art and authenticity create enduring value and a viable enterprise.” “We’ll analyze performance and interview clips, discuss media portrayal and perceptions, and develop working definitions of Swift’s role in society—and yours. We’ll put her under scrutiny, but handle it beautifully,” they finish.

Since then, other colleges and universities have considered offering the course. Those include the University of Texas, Arizona State University and Stanford University. Though, it is not the first time a course about Taylor Swift has been considered. In 2022, New York University offered a similar class. Their class would study Swift’s role as an entrepreneur, her songwriting influences and relationship with the media at the Clive Davis Institute. During NYU’s commencement that same year, Swift accepted an honorary degree while giving a speech to graduates.

Taylor’s Peak

At this time, the class has been largely inspired by the singer’s new peak in her singing career. This peak includes her hit single “Anti-Hero” reaching billionaire status, the Eras Tour and her fourth re-recorded album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version). Her project is so successful that record labels are trying to prevent other artists from doing the same thing.

Swift’s career may prove beneficial to education. It will be interesting to see how many schools start offering the same course. It is the height of one of the most influential singers history has seen to date, after all.

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