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Noga Erez Enlists Missy Elliott For “NAILS” Remix

Rising Israeli singer-songwriter Noga Erez released a new version of her single “NAILS,” this time alongside rapper Missy Elliott. 

Noga Can Do Every Kind of Music Genre

Rising, genre-bending artist Noga Erez is one you will want to look out for. Whether you like electronic music, indie, experimental pop, folk, rap, or even jazz, she can do it all! Earlier this year, she joined forces with no other than the iconic rock band Weezer on “Records.” Now, she’s back with another global superstar for a new remix of her summer single “NAILS.”  Missy Elliott!

And let me tell you, this is the combo we didn’t know we needed. “NAILS” was already a fun, energetic song, and now that Missy is joining the mix, its levels have skyrocketed. The duo sounds amazing together, both of them showcasing their love for rap music. 

Missy Elliott Jumps Into the “NAILS” Remix

“Missy Elliott was one of the first artists to pull me into the world of hip hop as a young teen,” Noga says. “She’s since been a go-to inspiration for me and always symbolizes an artist who is true to herself, who goes far with her visions. I am shocked and humbled by this beautiful perspective that she added on Nails, and it’s still beyond my ability to comprehend.”

“Julie Greenwald at Atlantic is the one who put me on to Noga Erez,” Missy revealed. “I remember when Julie reached out to me about this new signing, who was a fan of mine, and hearing how hyped and excited she was about her. She shared Noga’s “End Of The Road” video with me and I was like ‘oh, I like this!’.

She continued, “Noga owns her own lane and has a quirky style like me, so when they sent me “Nails” I hopped on it. I remember listening back to it and reflecting on how both of our styles meshed perfectly! I am always happy to work with talented new artists who aren’t afraid to be uniquely themselves. Noga Erez is definitely one to keep an eye on!”

So, there you have it! Whatever music you’re into, Noga Erez is surely to have something for you. Make sure to check her out!

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