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Nickateeen Releases New Lovesick Single “Champion”

The former Music Discovery releases the heart-wrenching lead single off his debut EP, "Doily.".

Nickateeen releases his new song, “Champion,” a tortured love song perfect for melting away in the summer heat. The light, ambient release is the first single from his debut EP, Doily, which is yet to have an official release date.

The Romanian singer puts on a strong front, showing off his muscular physique on the single’s cover. But truthfully, he is exhausted from love. “‘Champion’ is a love song about someone dealing with their own problems in a violent way, but, ultimately, it backfires on me because I’m a victim of their violent nature,” Nickateen said.

With inspirations Weyes Blood and Ethel Cain, it feels justified that the singer-songwriter explores the hush-hush topics of abusive relationships and power dynamics with a sophisticated cadence. “Champion” excellently pairs snapshots of parental abuse and death against angelic vocal layering and walls of lush synths. “Of course, my mind was just thinking ‘what would Hope Sandoval do?’ when I was recording ‘Champion,'” Nickateeen half-joked. But Mazzy Star simply couldn’t conjure up the whispery croon, “It’s not your fault, cause you’re my champion … he’s my champion.”

Still, he dissects experiences to give each release its own flavor, which led to Ethel Cain praising his song, “Algernon.” “This whole journey of learning how to ‘DIY’ music has me holding onto that sad child that I was,” Nickateeen noted. “When I learn something new with production, my inner child is happy and proud.”

Nickateeen revealed that his six-track debut, Doily, journals the not-so-pretty side of love from former flames. And while he may not have a solid tracklist yet, he already has plans for a B-side release since he wrote “so many songs about one particular person.” But as it’s Nickateeen’s dream to tour soon, it is best to put out the A-side of Doily first. 

Listen to Nickateeen’s latest single, “Champion,” below! Check out more Releases on Music Daily.
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