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Nessa Barrett Kills an Ex on “BANG BANG!”

TikToker-turned-popstar Nessa Barrett released her new single “BANG BANG,” only four months after the release of her debut album young forever. 

“BANG BANG” Arrives Ahead of the Young Forever Tour

Nessa is starting 2023 off with a bang! Just this past October, she delivered her debut album young forever, which was quickly followed by an extended version of the project one month later. Nevertheless, she’s already ready to keep sharing more music, and “BANG BANG!” is the proof of it.

“BANG BANG!” arrived just a week before Nessa kicked off the first night of her Young Forever tour. That’s right! She’s currently on tour, and she premiered the song live at the first stop of the tour in Phoenix. If you’re planning on catching one of her shows and want to know more information, check out our article that gives all the details here!

Nessa Embraces Her Craziness

“BANG BANG” is a fierce track that you might want to dedicate to an ex – if you still hate them. Yup, in the song, Nessa purely talks about how much hate she has for this person, and she wouldn’t hesitate to kill them if she had the opportunity to do so. “I know that it sounds absurd. But sometimes I just get the urge. That if there really was a purge. You’re the one that I’d kill first,” she sings in the opening verse. 

“The song was written about my borderline personality rage,” Nessa reveals. “There’s times where I just get so mad that I think about the craziest things I want to do in that moment, I feel like everyone deep down has intrusive thoughts even though they don’t want to admit it.”

The music video accompanying “BANG BANG” sees Nessa in a grainy, black and white shot as she embraces her craziness while she posses for a mugshot. Honestly, it couldn’t be a better fit for the message that the song is sending. 

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