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Mike Gossin Releases Solo EP “Coming Home”

Mike Gossin (formerly of Gloriana) released his debut solo EP, Coming Home. The eight-track release is a long-time “passion project” for the country artist.

On the EP’s release day, Gossin posted an enthusiastic message to his fans across social media.

“TODAY IS THE DAY! My brand new EP “Coming Home” is out now! I set out of North Carolina a while back with some songs, a guitar, and a suitcase back home to Nashville, hoping to get the chance to share this new sound I’d been dreaming up, with you all. These songs are the stories of where I’ve been since Gloriana, up’s and downs, wins and losses, all from the heart, made in a home studio with love. The “Coming Home” EP is Streaming everywhere now!”

He further elaborated on the EP in a press release, posted on Country’s Chatter.

“The Coming Home EP is a passion project that’s been several years in the making after reconnecting with our talented engineer from the Gloriana days,” he said. “I drove back and forth from Wilmington to Nashville to work with him and started evolving this new sound that really represents where I am now.  I’m really excited to be based back in Nashville where everything began and to be releasing a project of my own this time.”

Who Is Mike Gossin?

In an interview with Country Swag, the country artist discussed his childhood.

“I grew up with two older brothers, in upstate New York in the Adirondack mountain region. I was raised on an 1800s farmhouse on some acreage,” Gossin said. “It was a cool way to grow up as a kid, being outdoors a lot, and helping my dad maintain the land, bonfires, four-wheeling, and all that stuff.”

“The rule in our house was that you had to play one instrument and one sport, as long as you were under mom or dad’s roof. You got to pick which one you wanted, but you had to do it, so I started on the piano, I was like four years old, taking lessons, and then that turned into drum set lessons when I was like seven. When I was about eleven, my older brother taught me how to play my first guitar chords, and the rest was history.”

Coming Home Track List

  1. “Coming Home”
  2. “Heaven”
  3. “Kids Again”
  4. “Let’s Ride featuring Cheyenne Kimball”
  5. “Marry You”
  6. “Shine”
  7. “Ain’t Runnin’ Out of Summer Yet”
  8. “Marry You”
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