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MD Rediscovery: SoCal’s Nervous Kids

Riverside’s emo-punk band Nervous Kids brings a raw energy to their songs with pounding drums and screeching guitar licks. The four-man band recently signed with Wiretap Records, and is just getting started.

Nervous Kids: On the Rise

Despite only officially forming in the summer of 2022, Nervous Kids have a distinctly early 2000s sound. In a homely garage, featured in one of their grungy music videos, the band has been honing their emo-punk sound. Arturo Lara’s guitar riffs boil with angst, ever-enveloping and tumbling. Damian Morales’ basslines grab and don’t let go, while Rodrigo Rosales’ drum breaks give each track a bone-rattling punch. All the while, lead vocalist Ryan DeMint belts about hopelessness, love and heartbreak.

Most days I’m convinced I’m going insane

Takes all that I have to get through the day

And no matter what I try it won’t go away

And all my motivations goes down the drain

– “Back to the Start” by Nervous Kids

Each barreling track from Nervous Kids drips with distortion and raw emotion. Their introspective songs offer catharsis for both the band and listeners alike. Singles like their first songs, “Threw Me Away” and “Anyone But You,” are reminiscent of Green Day, All Time Low and early Paramore. Even though the Riverside-based band only formed a year and a half ago, they have already perfected that nostalgic, DIY punk sound. Nevertheless, they still put their spin on the genre, breathing new life into it over a decade since its golden era.

Next Steps

Nervous Kids have already garnered some much-deserved attention, especially from the Wiretap record label. DeMint, Lara, Morales and Rosales recently signed on with the label and had their first studio experience. In an interview with Punk Rock Theory, the group talks about how “going into the studio for the first time ever was a bit nerve-racking, but turned out to be an insightful and super fun experience.” The group now joins the ranks of other talented underground acts like Decent Criminal, Divided Heaven and Odd Robot.

Look forward to the release of their first EP this spring.

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