MAX’s “Colour Vision” Album is Now Deluxe

MAX’s Colour Vision album dropped last September and it included 12 original songs. Now, MAX took a step forward and released the deluxe version of the album. It includes 22 songs in total and features different artists.

A New Twist to Colour Vision

The new deluxe version of Colour Vision doesn’t include any new songs, but it does feature new versions of the songs that fans already love. Some brand new features include “Love Me Less” with Kim Petras, “Blueberry Eyes” with Lil Mosey, Olivia O’Brien & SUGA from BTS, “Working For The Weekend” alongside eaJ from DAY6, and “Acid Dreams” which features Felly.

One single from this new album takes us back to 2018. “Still New York” featuring Joey Bada$$ is special to MAX because it’s about his hometown, as he grew up in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York. Joey was born in Brooklyn, as well. They reveal that they always have New York in their heart, no matter where they go.

Another single from 2018 that was included on the deluxe version of Colour Vision is “Worship,” where MAX expresses his love for his wife. In the song, he sings to her and says that he will follow her anywhere she goes and, of course, worship her. This applies to the fact that MAX is from the US and his wife is from the UK. Thus, they had to face some challenges. “But it don’t matter where we’re from babe. I’ll worship you like it’s a Sunday…Just tell me what you wanna do. ‘Cause I’ll go anywhere that your love is.”

MAX Gets Creative

One of the most interesting versions of a song off Colour Vision is “Blueberry Eyes” which now features Lil Mosey, Olivia O’Brien, and SUGA from BTS. It includes the Korean-Language  rap from SUGA that the original song features. Alongside it, though, Olivia adds a beautiful new sound – thanks to her unique vocals – along with Lil Mosey who gives his own twist with yet another rap verse.

Lastly, MAX dropped the music video for the new take on his song “Working For The Weekend,” now featuring aeJ from DAY6 to celebrate the release of Colour Vision deluxe. The fun and colorful video shows the pair dancing in the middle of cartoons while just enjoying the song. MAX shared on YouTube, “Much love to the brilliant eaJ and andy for both lending their genius to this video and song. Hope you guys love it. Had so much fun creating it. Ps: Love you Ryan for the remix.”

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