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Indie Rock Singer Matt Corby Has Us Swaying With New Album”Everything’s Fine”

Indie rock singer Matt Corby is back with his third album, Everything’s Fine, a soothing collection of songs that will definitely get you swaying. Let’s check out this album together! 

Matt Corby Everything's Fine

Everything’s Fine is Corby’s first album in 5 years—and it’s good to have him back. Recording this album coming out of the catastrophic flood in New Southern Wales in 2022 and the pandemic in years prior, Corby was able to find acceptance in these new tracks. Songs such as “Problems” and “Lover” are infused with jazz, filled with groovy piano chords and nimble drum work. 

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a soulful dreamscape, the sleepy “Mainies” and “For Real” are perfect for you. Corby’s sexy singing voice is full of life in this album, sometimes barely straying from a whisper to soaring free above the mix in the chorus. Each song is rich with genius harmonic work and resolution, constantly keeping the listener allured. 

Corby’s tracks are also deeply sage, with lyrics such as:

“If we eliminate our core expressions / Do we just kiss goodbye all good intentions?” in “Reelin’” or “Future generations have too many wrongs to get right / It’s resting on how many will take up the fight” in “Problems.” 

Corby is an Australian-based singer-songwriter who had an upbringing in gospel and operatic singing. Since then, he has released 7 EPs and 3 albums, and his EP Into the Flame is 7x platinum certified. Corby has also won many awards, including 3 ARIA Music Awards for Song of the Year and Best Producer. 

All in all, Matt Corby’s Everything’s Fine is an incredible album to return to and a wondrous delight to listen to. Check out Matt Corby’s future projects here.

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