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Maroon 5 Bring Back All The Memories on Their 2021 Tour

Maroon 5 has kicked off their 2021 Tour, with special guest Blackbear. Ava Max is joining the band as well on their stadium shows!

Maroon 5 Take on Chicago’s Wrigley Field Stadium

On August 30, Maroon 5 touched base in Chicago at the Wrigley Field, home of the baseball team Cubs. I got the opportunity to go, after my evening Master’s class was canceled last minute and the venue is a 20-minute walk away from my apartment. After hysterically convincing my boyfriend to go to the concert with me, we made it right after Ava Max had just got on stage.

Ava Max Kicked Off The Evening

Ava warmed up the venue beautifully, as pretty much all of her songs are bangers. She sang her biggest hits such as “My Head & My Heart,” “Kings & Queens,” “Who’s Laughing Now,” “EveryTime I Cry,” and even an acoustic version of “Naked.” Of course, before she said goodbye to the fans in the audience she performed “Sweet but Psycho,” making everyone in the crowd sing along. 

Most of her performances included a full choreography with background dancers accompanying Ava, who was wearing a flawless blue two-piece jumpsuit. Although her setlist only included 8 songs, she made sure that the entire stadium felt her energy and happiness of being back on the stage.

Blackbear Sang His Biggest Hits

Next on the lineup for the evening was Blackbear, who took the stage just as the sun had started to come down. It was clear that a lot of people in the audience were fans of him, as many people got up and starting dancing to his tunes. He performed his biggest tracks such “queen of broken hearts,” “do re mi,” “Dirty Laundry,” and “Idfc.”

The crowd went crazy when he played his collaboration with All Time Low, “Monsters,” and started rocking out.  Before his set was over, he finished it off with “hot girl bummer,” making everyone dance and sing along.

Maroon 5 Gave a Concert to Remember

Finally, after a 40-minute intermission, Maroon 5 took the stage at 9 pm sharp. The whistle sound of their 2010 hit “Moves Like Jagger” started playing. That was enough to get people at the stadium up on their feet and jumping from the excitement. 

Adam Levine came out wearing the legendary Cubs shirt, obviously, fully unbuttoned. The band performed all of their classic hits alongside newer songs. All accompanied by a full set of lighting effects and huge screens; spotlights following the members so everyone present wouldn’t miss a thing. 

Songs in their setlist included some fan-favorite oldies such as “This Love,” “Stereo Hearts,” “Makes Me Wonder,” “Maps” and “Payphone.” The energy they all had transmitted to everyone in the crowd, and there wasn’t a song that anyone wouldn’t know or sing along to.

They also played some newer songs. Among them, were “What Lovers Do,” “Wait,” “Beautiful Mistakes,” “Don’t Wanna Know,” and “Memories.” They also performed their sweet hit “Girls Like You,” where they had a video of Cardi B rapping to her part of the song in the background.

Finally, they played two last songs that left everyone with a smile on their faces. Can you take a guess on which ones they were? Yup! “She Will Be Loved” and “Sugar.” Before playing the classic ballad, Levine spoke to the audience explaining how 20 years ago, people wouldn’t be able to record videos of a concert they attended. He asked everyone to put their phones in their pockets for 90 seconds, and just enjoy the moment. It definitely felt good to just appreciate the fact that we were seeing Maroon 5!

Their performance of “Sugar” brought an end to the night. This is a concert you will definitely remember, so if you have the chance, make sure to catch Maroon 5 live when they go to your city! The tour dates can be found here.

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