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Mandopop Princess Cyndi Wang Bites Back with New Single

Cyndi Wang’s “Bite Back” is a vast departure from the ballads that kicked off her impressive and long-running career. This single embodies a new direction for the artist, packing equal parts power and fun.

A New Direction

“Bite Back” bursts with energy and attitude. Extra punchy beats and triumphant fanfare make for a confident, captivating track with capital “I” impact. Brain-tickling riffs and catchy lyrics reveal the attention to detail Cyndi Wang and co-producer Lexie Liu always give to their work. The electrifying song is given even more force with its colorful and captivating music video.

Cyndi Wang not only gives a face to the single with this video but embodies the poise of her song entirely. Flawless choreography and infectious energy demonstrate a professionalism that only an artist with Cyndi Wang’s years of experience could accomplish.

Always Evolving: Singing and Acting

Cyndi Wang has produced a staggering 14 studio albums, with “Bite Back” representing a huge shift from Begin, the album that launched her career in 2003. Over the years, she honed not only her voice but also her acting in several Taiwanese dramas and films. She’s won awards for both her performances and her albums, typically selling over a million copies with each release. Her impressive list of awards and talents have earned her the title of “Mandopop Princess” from adoring fans.

“Bite Back” is yet another step forward in Wang’s seasoned career. It makes a statement as the first single from the artist in two years, confidently indicating that Wang is continuing to evolve as an artist. But Cyndi Wang hasn’t finished picking up steam. The recent release of her second single this year, “SUGAR HIGH,” shows that she might even be gearing up for something more – perhaps a 15th album is on the horizon.

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