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Maeta Releases ‘Through the Night’ ft. Free Nationals

This past week, Maeta released her newest single “Through the Night” featuring Free Nationals. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter has dropped this news single, making it her 4th release of the year. Already, “Through the Night” has become the artist’s second-most listened to release with almost 400,000 streams. She teased her latest hit by posting on Instagram with this sweet caption:

Instagram announcement for Matea's new single "Through the Night" ft. Free Nationals.

Maeta Surprises Us With More

Shortly after the new single dropped, Maeta released a “Through the Night” music video on YouTube. It’s a calming sensation with Maeta singing directly into the microphone, very similar to a recording session. The LA-based band Free Nationals were also included in the filming, seen playing behind Maeta. The song itself is a very sensual RnB hit that speaks on love and its complications with a soft chorus in the background. Shortly after releasing the music video, the singer posted the track list on her Instagram.

Announcement post after Maeta releases "Through the Night" ft. Free Nationals.

It seems like big things are happening for this young star, and as we can tell from the setlist, she’s aligning herself with big names in the music industry. That and her sweet vocals are going to make this Maeta’s summer. Stream and pre-save her newest single of her second studio album “When I Hear Your Name.”

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