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Artist Interview: Frawley Digs Deep on ‘Crying My Eyes Out’

From the moment Frawley could sing, she knew that her purpose was to share her gift with others. And as her career blossoms, the “If I Don’t Laugh, I’ll Cry” singer reflects on what her younger self would think. “I think that my younger self would be just completely shocked and over the moon and so proud of me,” shares Frawley. “Eight year old me would be screaming right now.”

Fast forward to 23 years old, and Frawley’s natural storytelling, syrupy sweet hooks, and unreserved vulnerability solidify her as a rising popstar. And in her latest single, “Crying My Eyes Out,” she’s wearing her heart on her sleeve, even if it bleeds. She details the painstaking experience of watching her ex move on right before her eyes.

Listeners can draw parallels between the lyrics in “If I Don’t Laugh, I’ll Cry” and “Crying My Eyes Out.” Both tracks mention “mascara running down” as well as describe the end of a two-year relationship. Frawley had expressed concern to her producer about the similarities between the songs. But if anything, the parallels make her message hit even closer to home. The repetition of these themes reflect the anxieties that continue to cycle through one’s head after ending a relationship.

“I hope that listeners take away a little part of me, definitely a better understanding of me and who I am, and also a sense of comfort and healing.”

But don’t get it twisted — Frawley’s vulnerability extends far past breakup anthems. As heard on “Austin’s Song,” she shares her deepest hopes and dreams for her younger brother. The track is sure to tug at your heartstrings with lyrics like, “Love you to the moon and back, And this, Austin, I promise.”

Frawley is one to watch. Stay on the lookout for new singles from the pop singer and hopefully, a debut album on the horizon. And maybe one day, a collaboration from Frawley, Charli XCX, and Taylor Swift. Besides familiarizing yourself with her original music, her covers of artists like The 1975, Paramore, Katy Perry, and more are also worth a listen.

Watch the full interview with Frawley to learn more about the singer and her latest single, “Crying My Eyes Out.”

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