Luke Hemmings Unveils Angelic New Song “Place In Me”

Australian pop-rock star Luke Hemmings unveiled the last track of his debut album When Facing the Things We Turn Away From. “Place In Me” is an angelic ballad that is blessing our ears.

Luke Hemmings Begins His Solo Journey

Back in June, Hemmings – who is part of pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer – heavily surprised fans when announcing he had a debut solo album on the way. After fans worried about the band possibly breaking up, the singer denied the rumors. He revealed this was a side project of his and that the band was still pretty much together. (Phew!)

After releasing the lead single of the album, “Starting Line,” Hemmings has been sharing more music from the album. “Motion” followed up, and now, “Place In Me” is the third and last song he will share prior to the album release.

It’s clear that the album follows a sequence. Hemmings’ solo songs have been sweet and lyrically meaningful ballads where he expresses his most personal thoughts. In “Place In Me,” he talks to a lost love indicating how much he misses them and regrets some decisions made. “Sun’s gone. But you always liked this time of day. No words left to play on. How many chances does it take? Now with my eyes wide open. I’m nothing but a fake,” he sings.

The Pandemic Inspired The Album

During an interview with NME, Hemmings shared what the album meant to him and explained the name of the album. “Since I was 15 I’ve been in 5 Seconds of Summer, a very unique walk of life for almost 10 years. I think a lot of people have had a similar experience [with the coronavirus pandemic] when everything shut down. People who were normally in an office job 9-5 were suddenly at home. You sort of re-evaluate your life and the way you look at things. Someone that’s working all the time non-stop is suddenly back with their family, and now they’re back in the real world asking themselves: ‘Was I happy with the way things were? Was I happy working this much?’”

He continued, “In those 10 years [for me], there were a lot of things that were left on the back-burner. This is the longest time I’ve been in one place since I was 15. Some of the songs, like ‘Starting Line’, are written from the now-perspective, looking back. Others are written from the perspective of this 17-year-old kid that’s in this whirlwind-life-moment that doesn’t know how to handle it.”

Listen to Luke Hemmings’ debut album out on August 13 and enjoy “Place In Me” out now!

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