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Lucas Estrada, Jay Mason & Edwardo Atlas Team Up On “Hills In LA”

Take a trip through the “Hills in LA” with Lucas Estrada, Jay Mason, and Edwardo Atlas, out now!

International Artists Team Up For “Hills in LA”

“Hills in LA” is the collaborative work of three electro-pop international artists Lucas Estrada (Sweden), Jay Mason (The Netherlands), and Edwardo Atlas (Sweden). The song is the electronic embodiment of care-free drives through the city of angels. The lyrics take on a life of its own, painting a picture of cruising through the streets in a convertible with that special someone. Pulling from notes from each artists culture, listeners can identify the different parts of each artists in the track. With Estrada’s expansive career as a producer in his back pocket, “Hills in LA” hits the mark in being a summer staple for electro-pop fans. It’s surface level and breezy with simple lyrics that get blissfully stuck in your head. If you want your summer to feel like a movie, then be sure to add “Hills in LA” to its soundtrack.

Artist Profile: Lucas Estrada

Credit: Artist profile on Spotify

Lucas Estrada has taken a step into his own artist identity after taking the reins in his career. Graduating from producer to full-fledge musician, he’s released single after single in 2023 thus far. “Hills in LA” comes as Estrada’s 18th drop of the year. It seems that the producer turned artist is trying to cover a lot of ground in setting the foundations for his future endeavors. As such, there are multiple tracks to listen to when discovering Lucas Estrada.

Moreover, rather than take the leap into music on his own, Estrada has decided to help other artists as well. This has manifested as Loudkult, a record label that is “by artists for artists.” Featuring names like Alex Alexander, Madism, and Tullio, Loudkult takes a unique approach in promoting artistry around the world. Estrada’s interest in music transcends beyond his own success. He wants others to step into the spotlight as well, and he does a great job at building Loudkult label in order to do so.

“In 2018, Lucas [Estrada] founded his very own independent imprint – LoudKult – whose purpose is to introduce new artists and release high-quality original music from all around the world – by artists to artists. In less than two years, LoudKult has collected more than 400 million streams and built a network with 1.8 million followers.”

-‘About the Label’ on the Loudkult website
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