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Lolo Zouaï Wants Your Attention on “Give Me A Kiss”

Lolo Zouaï wants your attention on “Give Me A Kiss,” the lead single from her still-unnamed second album.

Lolo Zouaï Wants Your Attention on "Give Me A Kiss"
via Instagram @lolozouai: One week since Give Me a Kiss!!! How we feeling?

MD Profile: Lolo Zouaï  

Lolo Zouaï is a French-American singer, songwriter, and producer who describes her songs as “bittersweet bangers.” She combines electronic, smoky R&B, and hip-hop elements into her stylish, intimate songs.

After failed career starts, Zouaï got with New York producer Stelios Phili to create her viral hit with 2017’s “High Highs to Low Lows.” That same year, she co-wrote a song for H.E.R.’s  Grammy-winning debut album (Best R&B Album).

With the success of her independent singles “Blue,” “Desert Rose,” and “Brooklyn Love,” from her RCA Records and Because Music debut album High Highs to Low Lows (2019), Zouaï sold out headline shows across 14 different countries. Zoui’s use of grit and pop flare was similar to Ariana Grande‘s thank u, next. Before the global pandemic, she was to be a supporting act for Dua Lipa on her upcoming arena tour in January, 2021.

Admittedly, she told Hunger Magazine that her two-year hiatus was due to the lockdown restrictions and mental health issues. She says, “I had a lot of momentum; I was really excited to keep it going. But when that happened, it felt like it really [had been] all too good to be true. I just wasn’t ready to make new music or be creative for a long time, so that was hard for me.” Now, she is ready to get back into the limelight with her new music!

“Give Me A Kiss” by Lolo Zouaï

The lead single to the singer’s unnamed sophomore album is seductive, smoky, and has an industrial vibe. She plays with vocal distortion as the main vocal for the chorus as she has a fresh “robotic” approach to singing. Although the track feels very hazy (or lazy), there lots of of perfectly timed layering and vocal contrasts. It is a sonic masterpiece. She quickly switches between heavily autotuned and angelic, soft vocals. Though it works– the track is both alluring and strong. It mirrors a strong independent woman in need of some attention. And that is normal every once in a while. Lolo Zouaï just needs a kiss.



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