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Lola Young Drops Full Viral Song “Don’t Hate Me”

Lola Young recently released the full version of the long-awaited song, “Don’t Hate Me,” which has been garnering viral attention on TikTok.

Lola Young’s Pre-Release Success

“Don’t Hate Me” became a viral TikTok trend before it was even fully released. Lola Young, a British singer-songwriter, shared a teaser of the song on TikTok back in January. Young, a graduate of The BRIT School, didn’t realize that her sneak peek would earn her 3.1M views. Even before the song’s actual release—February 24th—it had been making its way around TikTok. It was viral enough for celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner to use the sound. Their use only brought Young’s song that much more exposure.

So many people are using Lola Young’s sound because of its grit and attitude. The original TikTok sound played these lyrics:

You said that I’m really f***ing boring
Well, that’s rich coming from you
‘Cause when you rain you’re f***ing pouring
I can’t win, I can’t lose
And it’s cool if you don’t want to hang and get loose
But my mum wants me back at like twenty to two, and baby
I think that I love you but it’s hard
Just to be around you

These lyrics make up the second verse of Young’s full song. However, many people, such as Hadid and Jenner, liked to shorten the sound up. They just used the first two lines, as those two really get the bold attitude across.

Check out Lola Young’s original TikTok clip below!

“Don’t Hate Me”

The song itself is gritty, brash, and filled with hard basslines. It’s got a punk vibe to it. Aside from the verse that TikTok knows, the rest of the song is just as full of that attitude.

“Don’t Hate Me” will be part of Young’s upcoming project, My Mind Wanders and Sometimes Leaves Completely.

Listen to the official audio of “Don’t Hate Me” below!

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