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Linkin Park Enters the World of VR

Linkin Park joins Supernatural VR on the Oculus. Supernatural VR is a workout app by the company Within for the Oculus VR gaming system.

On the official website, Supernatural VR shared the following: Buckle up for a full-throttle rager with legends of Rock, Linkin Park. In this Artist Series drop you’ll get to Box and Flow to the blazing hits that you know and love from Linkin Park. Available in Supernatural on July 24th.

Linkin Park songs featured on Supernatural VR include the following: One Step Closer, Numb/Encore, In The End, Fighting Myself, Faint, What I’ve Done, Crawling, Somewhere I Belong, Lost, and the original version of Numb. There are two workouts that divide these songs into two playlists. One workout is a boxing class, while the other is a cardio one. Both feature a VR coach to guide you through your workout.

Several other iconic bands and singers are featured on the workout app. Besides Linkin Park, you can workout while you listen to Blink 182, Queen, Fall Out Boy, The Cure, Joy Division, and more.

What is Supernatural VR?

Within co-founder and CEO Chris Milk explains: “We built Supernatural to solve a problem we had. Exercise requires a long-term commitment to see benefits but for many offers very little short-term enjoyment. Virtual reality allows us to make home exercise fundamentally fun and something you actually look forward to doing. It’s similar to playing a sport you love, but that sport is from the future, and it fits in your bedroom.”

Linkin Park Celebrates 20 Years of Meteora

2023 marks 20 years of Linkin Park’s legendary sophomore album Meteora. In honor of this milestone, the band repackaged and rereleased the album as Meteora: 20th Century Edition. Since its explosive release, the original album has sold over eight million copies in the United States and is certified multi-Platinum, Platinum, and Gold in 15 countries across the world.

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