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Lauren Spencer Smith Shares “Single On The 25th”

“the 5th day of Lauren Spencer Smithmas and here’s one of the looks from the Single On The 25th shoot!! Love u guys” Twitter @iamlaurenmusic

Lauren Spencer Smith is back with a new track “Single On The 25th.” The hit-maker has had quite the year with her breakout single “Flowers.” And surely, she’s ending 2022 with a bang!

The Relatability Of Lauren Spencer Smith 

Prior to the release of “Single On The 25th,” Lauren Spencer shared the July single “Narcissist.” The track emulates the manipulation, toxicity, and pains of loving a narcissist. Smith has not shunned away from sharing her personal life experiences. And for that, fans can see themselves in the young musician. 

“Single On The 25th”

Similarly, the newest addition to her heartbreak series is the Christmas song “Single On The 25th.” Lauren Spencer encapsulates the loneliness and desire for love that comes around during the holiday season. Maybe it’s the time of year / And how it brings up what I fear / I’m by myself, wishin’ I had someone else,” Lauren sings on the chorus. Many associate the Christmas season with love, family and friends, gifts, and cold weather. Not only do we spend it with loved ones but there is emphasis on significant others. Cute dates, Christmas movies, cuddling by the fire, and gift giving. 

Unfortunately, the romantic Christmas movies and specials cause feelings of sadness and loneliness for many. “Wish that day would go away / So I never have to facе what date it is / ‘Cause I hate bеin’ single on the twenty-fifth,” Lauren Spencer expresses in “Single On The 25th.”

Smith Longs For That Special Someone

Lauren Spencer Smith cannot escape seeing couples get engaged, go on romantic dates and have babies. She prays for the love she sees on TV. “I wanna know what that’s like / Maybe next year, I’ll get it right,” Lauren Spencer sings. Importantly, we don’t have to be in a relationship to do the holiday season “right.” Love comes from friends, family, music, art, pets and so much more. And Lauren Spencer will hopefully see by next year, that it is more than okay to be “Single On The 25th.”

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