Lauren Sanderson Releases Sensual Single “WET”

Lauren Sanderson releases the slow and sensual “WET” on October 26. She’s a triple threat: a singer, songwriter and rapper. Her inspirational music has earned her a core ride or die fanbase. 

lauren sanderson releases WET
Lauren Sanderson


Lauren Sanderson’s new single “WET” is all about pleasuring her woman in the bedroom. And we are here for it. The gradual beat drops and foggy instrumental in “WET” surely sets a sexy mood. She fuses her pop style with R&B for a smooth vibe on this one. In the chorus, the pitch of her vocals gradually get deeper as she repeats “wet,” “back,” and “sweat.”

Further, in the first verse of “WET,” Sanderson encourages her partner to play out her fantasies on her. Also, the singer is willing to show her the ropes when it comes to sex. “Take my hand, I’ll take control/ What you doin’ tonight? (What you doin’ tonight?)/ ‘Cause I’m about to change your life,” Lauren sings. 

With that being said, the songstress enjoys being dominant and is confident in her sexual performance. Even so, Lauren Sanderson claims you will “feel like you at Heaven’s Gates.” Although the girl comes off as innocent and sweet Sanderson thinks she is actually a freak in the sheets. Woo it’s gettin’ hot in here!

Music Video 

And as if it couldn’t get any hotter, Lauren Sanderson releases a steamy visual for “WET.” The blue room is clouded by fog. Lauren sits in a chair while a woman dances on her with water pouring down on them. Next, Lauren and her love interest dance together skin to skin, as sexual tension builds. 

About Lauren Sanderson

Lauren Sanderson has been releasing quality visuals and tracks for awhile now. The singer-songwriter rose to fame on Youtube and Soundcloud. Specifically, her cover of Maroon 5‘s “She Will Be Loved” gained the traction she needed to launch her music career. From then on, she has not let her foot off the gas, releasing debut EP Center of Expression in 2016, then followed Spaces in 2017. Epic Records saw her true potential and signed her later that year. And many singles and EPs have released since then. But today we will talk more in depth about her latest release, “WET.”

Stream “WET” here.

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