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Lauren Jauregui Introduces the “Prelude” Era With Global Livestream

Global pop star and singer-songwriter Lauren Jauregui is kicking off her new era by teasing her debut solo album. To celebrate, she’s going to live stream a global concert of Prelude, the LP’s title.

Don’t Miss Lauren’s Live Stream on October 14 & 15

The event – which will take place on October 14 and October 15 – will feature Lauren as she performs Prelude for the very first time. It will be live-streamed by Moment House and fans can already purchase tickets for $15 here.

“I want the story to tell itself through the music,” Lauren shared during an interview with Billboard. “It’s very introspective. I go through a lot of different emotions and revealings throughout it. And it’s also just the beginning, you know? So it’s just the first round of people seeing me for the songwriter that I am and for the artist that I am across the board, even beyond just the music. Like just the whole vision of everything coming to life.”

Prelude Will Dive Into Vulnerable Topics

Lauren also revealed that Prelude will dive into vulnerable topics ranging from mental health to love. “I feel like I really explore my strength through my vulnerability,” she says. But her debut solo project also marks “an unveiling [rather] than a discovery” of her voice after her girl group Fifth Harmony went on indefinite hiatus in 2018.

“I want people to experience the rawness of the songs, and I feel like I really captured that, she adds. “And I’m really capturing that through the process of creating this piece that I’m going to present to people.”

The global event will be live-streamed across multiple territories, including North and South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, the U.K., Europe, and Africa. 

Lauren has only shared a couple of solo songs since Fifth Harmony parted ways in 2018. Nevertheless, she has been expressing her support for various social justice and human rights issues. 

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