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Koi Will Stop at Nothing for His Lover on New EP

Coye Sanders better known as Koi, is a 21 year old artist and producer from Huntsville, Alabama. Koi has taken an untraditional route in the music industry. He has not signed to any labels, doesn’t promote himself or his music, and he’s had zero cosigns. Despite all of that, his albums and singles are highly successful. Koi is impressive for many reasons. He produces the majority of his music and is capable of playing a wide array of instruments. Koi has experimented with different genres of music including R&B, rap, rock, pop, hip-hop. In addition, Koi wrote his new EP featuring single “8 days a week” entirely by himself. 

“8 days a week”

“8 days a week” is a rap/hip-hop track off of his new EP Keep My Cool. The record details about being available for your partner and dedicated to them. Through everything he and his partner have been through, he wants to prove himself and show effort because he’s so into this person. 

Keep My Cool EP

Koi released his EP titled Keep My Cool on July 8th, featuring six tracks. Over the course of the EP he talks about fighting for a love interest, relationship issues, and getting high to cope with his pain. 

In the fifth track “clearly,” Koi admits his faults in their relationship, now he longs for her presence, and is willing to fight for her. 

All the things you said (Oh yeah), but I ain’t wanna hear it 

You told me keep my head straight, “Don’t sell yourself to no 

pyramid” (Whoa) 

I ain’t know what she was tryna say but now I see it all clearly 

(Oh yeah)

If I could, know that I’d find a way to give you everything, period”

Koi reflects on the relationship and what he could’ve done better. He sees everything clearly, now that they are apart. 

“Closer song on EP”

In the last track on the EP “toast to me.” Koi talks to the people that don’t believe in him. He doesn’t want them to raise a toast to him when he blows up, in fact, he doesn’t want anything to do with them. 

“You wasn’t here when they ain’t notice me 

Gotta get so high just to go to sleep 

You mighta said that lightly, it meant more to me” 

When people get famous, they are treated differently. People are envious of the fame, money and success artists have and want to be associated with that. Koi won’t forget how people treated him before he blew up, and this song is a big “F you” to them.


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