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BLACKPINK Will Hold World Tour + Release New Album

BLACKPINK are gearing up to take the world by storm yet again with their upcoming August album and world tour.

BLACKPINK Soon to Be in Your Area

Kpop super group BLACKPINK have a lot of news to share with their fans, BLINKs. The first is that they’re going on a world tour by the end of the year; however, it’s not just any world tour. Ron Kim from Koreaboo reports that it will be “the largest-ever world tour for a K-pop girl group,” so says YG Entertainment.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

BLINKs are already ecstatic about the news. This tour will be their first since they wrapped up their In Your Area tour in early 2020 due to COVID-19. While the Kpop idols have held livestream shows for their fans since then, everyone can agree that there’s nothing quite like being at concert in person.

BLINKs Are Ready to Be Fed

The second big piece of news from BLACKPINK is that they’ll be releasing new music in August, less than a month away! This upcoming album will be their first release of music as a group since October 2020, when they released their first full-length Korean album, The Album.

However, fans haven’t been starving for content, so to speak. Each BLACKPINK member has been doing their own solo projects for quite some time now. Jisoo recently starred in the Disney+ Kdrama, Snowdrop. The show was so popular that it ranked as No. 1 in four out of the five countries it was available in. Jennie released her first solo single, “Solo,” back in 2018, and the following year, she became the first Korean solo artist to perform at Coachella. Rosé released her debut single album, R, in 2021, and it broke several Billboard records. A few months later, Lisa dropped her debut single album, Lalisa, and also broke many records with the release.

Clearly, though BLINKs have been enjoying the little bits of releases here and there, they’re ready for BLACKPINK to blow them away with group content. While no release dates or tour dates have been revealed yet, fans are sure to be ready when they are.

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