February 08, 2023



Kito Drops “Tongue Tied” featuring Terror Jr

Earlier this month, Electronic artist, Kito drops “Tongue Tied” featuring Terror Jr. This new soft beat is about catching feelings for someone. A new lyric video came out as well.

Kito Drops “Tongue Tied” Featuring Terror Jr & Reveals her Feelings

Kito drops “Tongue Tied” with Terror Jr and clearly expresses her feelings. Whether or not these feelings are love or lust is a mystery. However, she demonstrates her emotions through the perspective of someone who is high. Presumably on Cannabis. For example, “Ooh, ooh, we need more than an eighth/’nother bottle, ‘nother case/Ooh seven blunts to the face.” She is spending time with the person she wants and consuming weed and alcohol while doing so.

Since substances can intensify emotions of any kind, they make a lot of sense of the main chorus. For instance, “Tongue-tied, caught me on your line/Got so high, lost in time (you)/In your eyes.” Drugs such as cannabis is no stranger to making people zone out, so a connection to being high and getting lost in someone’s eyes tells listeners of the song that her lustful feeling towards this person are amplified and more focused.

The “Tongue Tied” Lyric Video

Kito’s “Tongue Tied” lyric video is a very straightforward plot. It includes a man and woman sitting in a car in what looks like a parking lot. The two of them are chilling out and enjoying each other’s company. It also appears that these people intend to represent the narrative of the lyrical aspect of the story. The man and woman are both mouthing the lyrics throughout the video and looking at each other while doing so. With that said, it seems highly possible that Kito wrote about feelings that are mutual between the narrator and the person she is communicating her feelings to.

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