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KCON 2022 LA and KCON 2022 US Tour

KCON 2022 LA and KCON 2022 U.S. Tour are almost here, and fans are ready to buy their tickets and see their favorite idols in person!

KCON 2022 LA

The biggest celebration of Korean culture is almost here! KCON 2022 LA is a festival celebrating Korean music, food, and more. Held annually since 2012, KCON holds exclusive Kpop concerts, as well as special idol-fan interaction. This year’s venues are the Arena and the LA Convention Center.

The lineup for this year makes Kpop multistans wish the middle of August came sooner. Some of the big names are ENHYPEN, NCT DREAM, LOONA, ATEEZ, ITZY, Stray Kids, and THE BOYZ.

KCON also has several rookies on its lineup. STAYC, CRAVITY, LIGHTSUM, and TO1 are all KCON festival rookie groups. Check out the full lineup below!

The festival is set to span over three days—Friday, August 19th; Saturday, August 20th; and Sunday, August 21st. Unfortunately, tickets for the 19th have sold out, but you can still get tickets for the 20th and 21st here!

KCON 2022 US Tour

kcon 2022 us tour

After the festival, KCON will take their rookie acts—STAYC, CRAVITY, LIGHTSUM, and TO1—on tour across the U.S. They’ll visit San Francisco, Minneapolis, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and New York. The groups will perform for two nights at each venue.

The tour begins August 22nd and ends September 1st. For more information on tickets and passes for each venue, click here. You can then find your tickets here.

KCON LA is always a huge event for Kpop fans. Whether they get lucky enough to buy a ticket to one of the concerts, or they watch the YouTube videos posted after the festival, fans can never get enough.

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