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Kate Bush, John Lennon, Pop Smoke- This Week In Music History

February 17: The Kick Inside

Since the fourth season of Stranger Things, we all know who Kate Bush is. For all those that missed the icon that the singer represented in the 80s, with her unique and mesmerising voice, the tv series became the perfect way to get to know the power and beauty of the singer. But “Running Up That Hill” is only one of the masterpieces birthed by Bush. In fact, her biggest work is undoubtedly the one that came out today in 1978: The Kick Inside.

Kate Bush’ debut album via EMI Records, The Kick Inside is the epitome of the American artist’s work. Led by the single “Wuthering Heights” and its charts success, the album contains some of the most representative and meaningful singles of Bush’ career, proving that the singer was ready to make history since the beginning.

February 18: the FBI killed John Lennon

The relationship between the FBI and late John Lennon has been one of the most discussed. In fact, Lennon, who was a supporter of the end of the Vietnam war cause. He was also against the British military intervention in Northern Ireland. The artist’s music got more political as he grew older. Representative are pieces like the anthems “Imagine,” “War Is Over (If You Want It)” and “Give Peace A Chance.” Another meaningful, even if less famous, hit was “Working Class Hero.” Alongside his music growth, the artist became more political also in his daily life, even participating to marches and strikes supporting the causes. An example is the famous  ‘bed-in’ peace demonstration.

The FBI was scared of the role of John Lennon, who at the time was living in New York, in the American and British society. In particular, the song that made him appear as a “dangerous revolutionary” to the eyes of the intelligence is “Power To The People.”

Since then, the FBI allegedly controlled and spied the artist. In fact, the intelligence even created those files that later would’ve proved its interest in the artist’s political impact. So much so that there are theories that show the participation of the FBI in the artist’s death.

Today in 2000, an American court ordered the release of these FBI files. The publication, however, took more than expected. The files were in fact considered so fundamental to national security that their publication could “reasonably lead to diplomatic, economic and military retaliation against the United States.”

February 19: Pop Smoke shot during a home invasion

On this day in 2020, rapper Pop Smoke was fatally shot. The singer was killed during a home invasion at his Hollywood residence. The artist, born in July, 1999, passed at the age of 20, leaving an unhealed scar in the heart of many.

Bashar Barakah Jackson, known as Pop Smoke was one of fans’ favourites since the beginning. From 2019, when he released his first single “Flexin'”, the artist reached the top of every chart. Even his after-death release, Shoot for the Stars, became one of the most popular releases of the year. All the 19 songs on Pop Smoke’s album charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

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