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Jung Kook Makes His Official Solo Debut with Playful Summer Single ‘Seven’

Jung Kook of BTS has made his official solo debut with the new summer single “Seven (feat. Latto).”

Jung Kook Wants to Love You “Seven Days A Week”

Be still, ARMYs’ hearts. Jung Kook has just released his new song, “Seven,” marking his official debut as a solo artist. “Seven” is a breezy summer song, “a serenade with an addictive melody,” as BigHit phrases it. Jung Kook’s vocals are as beautiful and bright as ever, and Grammy-nominated rapper Latto elevates the song even higher with her lyrics in the third verse. The two have definitely created a fun summer bop.

As fans quickly learned, there are two versions of the song: the clean version and the explicit version. The official music video that dropped Friday plays the clean version of the song. The video features South Korean actress Han So-Hee as Jung Kook’s opposite, as well as Latto during her verse of the song. In the music video, Jung Kook is a foolish, obsessed, lovesick boyfriend who just wants the attention of So-Hee. At one point in the video, Jung Kook interrupts his own funeral to remind So-Hee that he can love her seven days a week.


The explicit version of the song, however, does not dance around its meaning in any way whatsoever. In the clean version of the song, Jung Kook sings that he’ll “be lovin’ you right.” In the explicit version of the song, he sings that he’ll “be f*ckin’ you right.”

Fans were not expecting the K-pop idol to sing an entire song about how he’ll be “lovin’” right seven days a week.

On Saturday, the artist dropped his performance version of the song, which featured the explicit version of the song. Backed up by four other dancers, Jung Kook dances as if he’s smooth like butter.

Suffice it to say, ARMY has needed to pick up their jaws from the ground multiple times over the past few days.

Promotion After Promotion: GMA, Spotipoly, and More

To premiere his new song, the artist took to the Good Morning America stage. He kicked off GMA’s Summer Concert Series with live performances of “Euphoria,” “Seven” and “Dynamite.”

Additionally, Jung Kook teamed up with Spotify to play games on Spotipoly. K-Pop ON! Spotify released a teaser of the games on YouTube. To watch the video in its entirety, check out the K-Pop ON! Video Podcast on Spotify.

Finally, in an interview with Variety, the idol talks about what’s next for him. Chris Willman quotes the artist saying that he’s “working hard to release a solo album this year.” While there aren’t any specifics yet, fans will cling to this crumb of a promise for a solo album of the BTS member’s music.

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