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Jung Kook is a 2000s Heartthrob on Timberlake-Esque ‘3D (feat. Jack Harlow)’

Jung Kook has just dropped his newest solo single “3D (feat. Jack Harlow),” and it's somehow even more of a shock than "Seven."

The “3D” Throwback

jung kook and jack harlow "3d"
Credit: BigHit Music

Jung Kook is continuing his solo career with a song inspired by the early 2000s sounds. The mature, sexy sound that “3D” has invites listeners to wonder what exactly Jung Kook means when he sings, “I wanna see it in motion / In 3D.”

The song welcomes Jack Harlow on the third verse and outro. The rapper takes the song to another level of explicit. “I’ll fly you from Korea to Kentucky / And you ain’t gotta guarantee me nothing I just wanna see if I get lucky / I just wanna meet you in the physical and see if you would touch me.”

The music video for the song also works in those 2000s influences, with the backup dancers in denim and everyone dancing on a mirrored stage. Additionally, the video contains many noteworthy moments, like JK shirtless in a white suit, or JK taking a sledgehammer to a fire hydrant only to then dance in the impromptu water fountain, or JK…you get the idea.

Jung Kook also released an alternate version of his new song. This version, while crediting Jack Harlow as a guest artist, doesn’t actually include the rapper’s verses.

ARMY can only pray that JK’s solo album doesn’t include any more increasingly explicit lyrics or amazing rapper features. Otherwise, their poor hearts won’t be able to take it.

Jung Kook’s Solo Album

It seems his solo career involves a lot of exploration for Jung Kook. He’s experimenting with a much more explicitly mature sound than he ever created with BTS. However, he’s not worried about what fans will think. According to Mary Siroky at Consequence, he said in an interview, “There are multiple generations in our ARMY. I think the song will give them a fun, playful, light shock.”

“3D” gives ARMY a shock indeed. The 2000s pop and R&B feel to the single is unexpected, to say the least. Jung Kook’s debut solo song, “Seven,” is very much a modern-day pop song. Following up that release with “3D” only makes fans anticipate his solo album even more, if that was possible. The artist’s solo album is promised for the end of this year, according to an interview with Audacy Music. ARMY is hoping nothing interferes with JK delivering on that promise.

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